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Food delivery has not developed or advanced to the levels of let’s say New York, but hey, we’re getting there. For a while one of the only food delivery options that Mongolians have experienced was pizza. When I came back here in 2003 from the States, pizza delivery was still quite new and there weren’t many places that delivered, as I recall. Even good pizza was hard to find in restaurants, let alone good quality delivery pizza but this is Mongolia and pizza is Italian…(the wonders of globalization continue). But then again when you take a look at the nomadic style of living, food delivery can be a very foreign and unnecessary concept for people whose lives and future depend solely on the hard work of raising and growing their own livestock.

After all, who had ordered a sheep leg from someone and that someone brought it over to your yurt in 45 minutes or less? What would you even use to order with, a horse ride over to the nearest household who live like 3 hours away? Why would you even order something that you can resource yourself? But maybe there really was a food delivery system sort of thing “nomad style” that happened, or happens still. I’ll have to find out more.

Consumers are getting lazier, and with the speed of how fast the convenience of delivery is being picked up a lot of places have started offering deliveries. If there is no delivery service, it’s a huge turnoff and probably bad for business. The negative feedbacks and comments are ever flowing on Facebook. So be sure to expect a surge of food places starting to offer delivery, if it’s free, even better.

In the meantime, take a look at some of these food delivery service providers, when you just don’t feel like going out and being with people. If you have places to recommend, write in the comments below!

Website & APP with a variety of food deliveries and affiliated restaurants:

  1. Songo – Offers more than just food (groceries, medicines, liquor etc.,)
  2. TokTok – Food & diapers (still in development for other goods)
  3. Huree – Good choice of Mongolian food places

All the pizza places:

  1. PizzaHut
  2. Dodo Pizza
  3. Round Table Pizza
  4. Pizza Pazza


  1. KFC Mongolia
  2. Bluefin Sushi Bar

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