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Okay, how many times has your lazy ass committed itself to getting up and hitting the gym? Numerous I bet. Some are false promises to yourself, some last like 2 weeks. Of course, there are those of you who are not like 90% of the population, those of you who consistently keep at it and look amazing! BUT…not everyone is like that, and please don’t wonder why we’re not like that because there is no explanation and there is no end of excuses as to why we don’t work out.

Working out, I have recently discovered is actually 3 things. Actual working out, diet and maintenance. So I fall short at the first part…nevermind the diet and definetly don’t get me started on maintenance. But even so, I still dream of a day where I put on my running shoes and just go for a run, even if it’s just for like 5 minutes. But seriously, who would run outside all 4 seasons here? During the winter the cold is I guess no big deal, but the smog? Instead of getting healthier, I think we’d end up in the ER if we inhale that much smog at one time. Most runners run in the morning right? That’s when the pollution is at its worst. Dawn – 12pm….is the “stay indoors” time.

So it’s unfair to judge us lazy bums when it was just the smog that prevented us from exercising…but summertime, then it’s a different story. Here’s a list of awesome indoor gyms and fitness apparel stores if you want to get your juices flowing. Speaking of juice, if you’re awesome and like to do the diet part at the same time with the working out part, read my article here on healthy juice brands that offer detox programs with their cold-pressed juices.


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