Getting out of the city – Nukht

Nukht is the name of the valley located about 30km out of the city on the way to the airport. See map below. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding this area, as it’s actually a state protected valley where residential properties are not supposed to be popping up every few seconds, nor is it a place for a leisurely stroll. However, it has become just that. Because of it’s close proximity to the city but not so close that you can smell the smog, it’s become a popular place for residential townhouses and all seasonal houses.

Originally a state protected area

Further down the area of residential houses, you come to an end at the 4 star Nukht Corporate Hotel. Located in the outskirts of the forest, this hotel has become a popular place for weddings. It has also become a go to place for some to spend the day in nature while basking in the comfort of the food and amenities of the hotel.

Although favored by many for better air, the surrounding and rising ger districts near the area have made Nukht Valley quite smoggy in wintertime. While going down the road on your left side there’s a whole apartment complex of townhouses and shops called The Nukht Village. Searching around the web, I’m seeing ads for rent but as far as I can remember this place has been empty but really well maintained for weddings and parties. I think it was meant to be a whole town complex, with shops, kindergartens etc., but maybe the commute was too difficult for some or prices were too high? Next time I go here, I’ll make an effort to go check it out.

With the new road to the airport opened, it’s now more easy to come and go between Nukht. If you go towards the Corporate hotel, you can see the wide range of colors and designs of the private properties there. A few years ago there were only a handful of houses but now if there’s a nook and cranny available, a house will be built there for sure. There is no planning or any sort of property standards being held here. So if someone bought a land there, they can build whatever design, color, size house they wish. Look at this.

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