Getting out of the city – Terelj

There are a lot of places just outside of the city that you can go to escape from the urban chaos. One of my favorite places is at Terelj National Park about 60km east. There are actually a lot of resorts there, and every year new ones come out.

As for me I don’t go because of the tourist-y activities they offer, but for the good food, clean air, and comfortable stay. However if you want to experience other activities, especially for tourists, it’s best to check out tour websites like

Some resorts include activities like ATV rentals, horseback riding, dog sledding (for winter), hiking, rock climbing etc.,

List of good resorts to check out:

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  1. Ayanchin Lodge
  2. RedRock resort
  3. Terelj Mountain Lodge
  4. Big Sky Lodge
  5. Terelj Hotel
Once you enter into the main road of resorts, you can see this sign pointing the left of the road that leads you to more resorts.
Parts of nature scenery on the way to the Terelj resorts.

UB citizens usually go to these resorts during the weekend for an afternoon well-spent, especially those who have young children. In wintertime, people go to escape the smog even if it’s just for the weekend. Terelj is considered a very convenient location, not too close and not too far. You can experience a mini countryside roadtrip which included all the usuals like bumpy dirt roads, herd animal sightings, beautiful scenery, horses grazing etc., without having to go too far.

But the Nalaikh road is being fixed so there is a good stretch of extremely unfriendly rocky roads that most cars can’t go through without popping a tire or two. What usually takes about 20 minutes to go through the Nalaikh road would now take about 40 minutes to an hour or more depending on your car. You can choose to take a roundabout way but that’s another hour or more. The roads are said to be done in Fall 2019. What was once a 2 way lane road filled with potholes is becoming a 4 way lane, so your travels to Terelj would become even faster and more convenient.

Read my article here “My Naadam away from the City” about my recent family trip to one of the resorts called Tsevegmaa’s Camp.

Have you been to Terelj? What are your favorite resorts and why?

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