May means PartyTime for students

The term Spring Break is pretty close in describing the scene for students in Mongolia and especially UB. Known as the Bell Celebration / Хонхны баяр, where students organize graduation parties at the end of the final exams, or last semester. Occuring mostly in May, high school graduates, college graduates, or any sort of graduates whether it be first years or third years have a celebration to mark the end of the school year. Unlike Spring Break in US, this celebration always consists of the class teachers or professors.

Students and teachers organize a bus, decorated in ribbons and balloons, go to Chinggis Square for group photos, or go to Zaisan Hill, climb to Zaisan also for group photos, some even go to the monestary. After the traditional city tour, most graduates usually go out of the city for an overnight getaway consisting mainly of drinking and partying.

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