Cut your hair on GOOD days only

Do you need a haircut today? Well you better check the calendar, god forbid it might be a bad day for haircuts. When I mean calendar, I mean the lunar calendar, which counts the days and even the time under the 12 zodiacs and the phases of the moon.

I’m writing this article on April 3rd, 2019. So here’s a look at this month’s calendar, taken from

So it’s NOT a good day to get a hair cut. I’ll have to wait until next Monday, as you can see the symbols with the scissors indicates the appropriate days.

What does the other symbols mean?

The blue icon with the letters ДБ means that it is a day where it’s double the auspicious energy. So just individual letters, like the orange and green means it’s just auspicious. So any days indicated in the blue, that’s where a lot of people do weddings, hair ceremonies for children, and other special celebrations. Some people even wait for such days to start businesses or anything significant like travelling afar.

The red color with M means Skull. Obviously it’s bad, basically it’s death or extreme bad luck. Luckily this month there is no M. The letter T in purple is also bad. But not as bad as the Skull. It’s believed anything done on the T day will not go as planned or expected. Like business deals will fail to close, robbery, mini car accidents etc.,

The small numbers below the actually date numbers is how the lunar calendar counts. So today it’s actually the 28th. Now that has it’s whole different meaning, usually seen from the physical lunar calendar like this one.

This is outdated 2 years ago. Year of the rooster.

A lot of people whether they are Buddhist or not, usually at least follow the good days to cut your hair. You can see a lot of the hair salons will be empty on the bad days. It’s a very interesting culture that is probably extremely strange to people who don’t know this. But sometimes for me, it’s better to not look too much into details like this about good days and bad days that are literally written in the stars, because once I get into my head that today is a “BAD” day, it’s really hard to go about my life normally.

Sometimes it’s best to just not know. What do you think?

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