Naadam away from the city

This year our family opted to get out of the city for the Naadam holidays. While people usually stay around the city to watch the wrestling, others travel to the countryside. For us we decided to go to Terelj, not so far from the city but still get some good fresh air and nature. Read my article here about visiting Terelj.

We visited a cozy little family-run camp called Tsevegmaa’s Camp located 4km off to the West of Terelj main road.

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We stayed in a ger but there’s an option of a wooden cabin too. Price is 110,000 per person / night. It’s actually cheaper than some of the other resorts in Terelj. In the 110,000 MNT inclusive of breakfast, but lunch and dinner price.

Here in Tsevegmaa’s Camp there is no menu to choose from, instead they have meals planned out. Don’t worry the portions are pretty good. 1st course, main course and desert even.

A key attraction to this camp is the infamous Tsevegmaa breakfast buffet. Starting at 08:00 they have a wide selection of delicious local goodies like fresh Urum, fried dough biscuits, khailmag as well as western style options of fried eggs, sausages, cereal, oatmeal…

Breakfast buffet
Beautiful view from the camp. Staff were renovating one of the gers.

Bathroom is public and located below the ger arrangements. They have a shower facility as well. Don’t worry it’s not a wooden toilet, it’s very clean and well maintained.

We really enjoyed our 4 night stay and really got used to the fresh air. Especially at night, if you’re staying in the ger it can get quite chilly but with a warm blanket it’s the best. When we returned to the city, everything suddenly felt really stuffy. We are looking forward to going back for the weekend before summer ends.

Staff were very accommodating especially when it came to the demanding needs of a toddler. While we were there the owners of the camp were on site, and they were very welcoming and engaging with us. We really got the whole welcome to our family vibe from the camp, something that you don’t usually experience in Mongolian establishments.

If you’re looking for some activities to do, I’m sure the staff have some recommendations. We’re never interested in doing anything so we didn’t ask. There are a lot of nearby camps to visit too.

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